Claudel Art | The Artist Way

Artistic Process

Therapy through color is what impels this artist to paint such intensely colorful works in which depth results from a personal, intuitive, spontaneous process. Painting is a path to healing, such is Claude’s precept. The constant questioning of dualities, light and shade, life and death, the conscious and the unconscious, are the paradoxes that her canvases bring out.

Claude has been preoccupied with communication since her childhood. Through painting, she has discovered a way conveying emotions beyond words. According to her, painting favors a meditative state that induces an emotional vibration. Abstraction and non-objective art allows one to liberate oneself. Once the art work has been accomplished, an element of surprise leads the artist to a sensation of lassitude. The importance of overcoming paralyzing fears and freeing up creativity is the motivating force in her artistic process